Reducing Mental Clutter

What better way is there to boost personal productivity than to clear the clutter from your mind? As a business mentor I’ve found most entrepreneurs find it too easy to slip into a disorganized state. But with today’s tips you can start to feel less overwhelmed.

Here are four steps to clear that clutter from your mind:

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Terry H. Hill, TFE Chief Business MentorDo you get to the end of the day and feel like you worked hard but didn’t get everything complete? How much frustration did you feel when you realized some of “today’s” work would have to be completed tomorrow?

As I write these articles geared toward boosting your personal productivity, I hope to give you the tools to get more done in less time. However, first you must be realistic about the time any task takes. As chief business mentor for Training for I pass along these tips that I’ve learned as an entrepreneur myself, and from the experiences of fellow business owners.

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b2ap3_thumbnail_Time-blocking-small.pngMost business owners understand why they need to schedule the most urgent tasks during the prime time of their work day. But why should you make sure certain types of tasks are scheduled for those low productivity parts of your day, when you can barely get a handle on anything? I’ll explain in this blog, but first we need to set the stage for a crystal clear thought process in your planning.

With my experience as an entrepreneur and as a trainer and mentor to entrepreneurs through Training for, I’ve learned many methods and best practices. Today we continue to concentrate on boosting personal productivity.

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Planning tasks templatesIf you want to have a more productive day – and you should want that – then each task must be prioritized. To boost your personal productivity it’s not enough to log your activities as I suggested in my last blog. You must also identify which tasks are important.

Make the best use of your time and resources by prioritization. This is a process that determines the order for dealing with a series of items or tasks according to their relative importance.

Prioritize your tasks and activities according to time-sensitive significance. Spend your time on items that are important – not just urgent. By doing this you will eliminate the stress of frequent tight deadlines. Do you recognize the distinction between important and urgent activities?

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b2ap3_thumbnail_estimating-figure.pngTime can easily slip away from you if you don’t make plans and stick to them. In this blog I’ll explain the next steps in making the most of your time – which is the essence of personal productivity improvement.

In my last blog I explained what tools you need to get started. Now you’ll see how they help you better plan your day-to-day activities. The focus today is on logging all of your activities.

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