Big versus little.jpgDo you feel like David fighting Goliath?  Well, don’t let that discourage you.  Being small doesn’t necessarily mean you’re at a disadvantage.  There are distinct advantages to being a small business competing against much larger players.

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Target Audience.jpgAre you trying to build a solid foundation from which to grow your business?  If so, you need to first find out who your target audience is; and, then tailor your marketing pitch accordingly.  Targeting the right audience can spell the difference between success and failure.  In fact, studies reveal that companies that try to be all things to all customers usually fail.

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Goal setting.jpgHow would you like to improve your goal-setting skills, motivate your workforce, attract new clients, boost productivity, and meet your financial targets?  If you have not been achieving your goals, now is your chance to learn simple strategies for setting specific, realistic, and measurable goals that lead you closer and closer toward business success.

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Investors grow wealth on gold coin stack chart by Michael Brown - Stock Photo Entrepreneurs do three things: they turn ideas into businesses, they create new jobs, and they provide wealth.  Among the three entrepreneurial roles, providing wealth for society is the least understood.  While it is true that entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Larry Page, and Sergey Brin have become very rich.  However, the fact is that they have only taken a tiny fraction of our wealth (less than one percent) for themselves as compared to the wealth they have created for the society.

Creating wealth versus giving wealth away

Entrepreneurs are not philanthropists—although they can be.

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5 Economic Contributions.jpgEvery entrepreneur is imbued with genius and the ability to execute with great precision and efficiency.  In a consumer society like ours, entrepreneurs pave the way to economic growth and national prosperity.  From food products, to entertainment, to technology, entrepreneurs are the pillars of our country’s economy.

If we are to continue to grow as a nation, we need an economic structure that serves to stimulate a financial process that follows through toward improving the lives of individuals in our communities and society as a whole.  This is where entrepreneurship comes in.

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