Last week, in Part # 1, we defined Mind Mapping and talked about its nature.  In Part #2, we will discuss how to use Mind Mapping to help you start a new business, generate new ideas, or revitalize your business.

Whether you are thinking about starting a new business or revitalizing an existing one, visual Mind Mapping techniques can be an ideal way to bring life to your business ideas.

Business innovation and creativity are the results of effective brainstorming within a group.  Getting a group of people together to brainstorm ideas is not always easy or practical.  For those inopportune times, individual, hand-drawn Mind Mapping can be a great way to generate ideas on your own, and to develop a variety of great solutions for your small business problems.

Take a moment to focus on the ideas that you want to further develop.  Then, follow this brief outline so you can begin leveraging the process of Mind Mapping for the success of your business.

Take advantage of free Mind Mapping software

Effective Mind Mapping cannot be overstated.  It might be a good idea to begin Mind Mapping with free software like, Xmind and open source FreeMind.  Once you have gained some experience using free versions, you can test drive some of the commercial ones such as, MindMapper and MindVisualizer.

One of the first Mind Mapping exercises you could attempt is to brainstorm how to acquire new clients for my business.

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Mind Mapping.jpg“Harnessing the Power of Mind Mapping” is a two-part article.  This week, in Part# 1, we will define Mind Mapping and tell you a little about its nature.  Next week, in Part# 2, we will introduce you to a variety of practical ways that you can use Mind Mapping to improve your business.

Have you ever wondered if there was a way for you to optimize your mind’s problem-solving ability?  Perhaps you simply want to discover or unleash the creative side of you.  Maybe you’re facing a business problem, but you’ve exhausted your options or you’re stuck with trite, worn-out solutions. What can you do to clarify and simplify your mind processes?   Implement the powerful tool of Mind Mapping!  You’ve heard the term before, but exactly what does it mean?

What is Mind Mapping?  Well, Mind Mapping is a visual thinking tool.  It is a way of representing ideas and concepts in a graphical manner.  Ideas are presented in a radial pattern—as opposed to a linear pattern --that mirrors exactly the way our mind works.

Mind Maps help us think better, solve problems creatively, and remember concepts, facts, and processes for the long term.  It encourages flexibility---an ingredient that is so vital to making your resolutions happen.  It’s an effective tool that helps you think outside the box.

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19.jpg Many people use the words “team” and “group” interchangeably; however, they are in essence not the same.  One of the most important elements that distinguish a “team” from a “group” is synergy.

Have you ever watched a flock of geese take flight?  Seconds after they take off, the geese arrange themselves into a perfect “V formation.”  Flying in this formation, rather than each goose flying on its own, allows them to fly faster, conserve energy, and fly longer distances.  This is synergy in action.

Observing these wonderful creatures, one would notice that as the lead goose tires, he simply drops back and another bird takes its place in the lead.  Working together in this manner, rather than individually, allows the flock to achieve greater productivity.  This synergy is a law of nature.

Fortunately, the kind of teamwork that works for geese also works for businesses and organizations. Teams and organizations can greatly benefit from the “V formation” leadership style.

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For most people, and perhaps you are among this group, business or social networking can be quite a struggle.  However, once you understand the networking process, you’ll appreciate how powerful a marketing tool it can become for you and your business. Networking is a huge revenue generator because through it you are able to access additional information, leads, ideas, and referrals---all of which are so vital to the growth of your business.

If  you have already embraced the idea that networking may have merit and have taken steps to implement  it---but have recognized that business networking isn't working for you right now--- read on and discover why and how having a pool of key contacts can give your business a tremendous boost, catapulting it to the next level.

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In the past, the way to hold a meeting with a remote staff was through teleconferencing.  The current rave is web conferencing, a far more advanced yet extremely economical tool for meetings, training seminars as well as collaborative projects.  Web conferencing saves you time and money because it avoids the need to travel, find a suitable venue, and book an accommodation.

Being a feature-rich tool that is able to match face-to-face conversation, web conferencing is an excellent alternative to traditional meetings and seminars.

If you want to increase your work productivity while cutting down on hotel and travel expenses at the same time, then web conferencing is the way to go.

Since the advent of the Internet, working professionals have been able to work from home and become less and less dependent on the 8-to-5 workday.  Many companies have realized that remote workers actually help reduce operating costs simply because they don’t require desk space or use company resources such as electricity and Internet bandwidth.

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