Little-Known Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website

by Dolly A. Stevens
Dolly A. Stevens
Dolly A. Stevens is the Co-founder and Executive Director of Training for Entrep
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Website traffic.jpgWebsite traffic increase is one of the major concerns of small business owners. If you are serious about your web presence and are looking for more people to learn about your business, then you need to boost website traffic.

Create good, interesting and fresh content

Content is king!  While this may be an overused cliché, very few people pay real attention to what the words really mean.  If your goal is to increase traffic for your website, then you’ve got to provide quality content.

Creating solid content that is updated regularly ensures website traffic increase.  Good content not only improves website traffic, but also stimulates repeat business.

Employ a user-friendly design and layout

Visitors are easily turned off by a hard-to-navigate website.  Even if you have great content, if your layout is hard on the eye or confusing, your visitors won’t stay very long on your site.  Worse yet, they may not even come back.

If you don’t have an eye for esthetics, get expert help.  This is one investment on your part that can go a long way in keeping your visitors and customers happy.

Website traffic increase through guest blogging

One marketing method that guarantees increase traffic to your website is writing a post on someone else’s website.  If you think it’s such a great idea because you can use it for back links, then you’re missing the point.

We’re not just after any back link.  We’re after back links that are high quality!

One quality link is worth more than a hundred links from mediocre websites.  That’s why you need to make sure you create good content and post them only on high quality sites.  Providing good content will ensure that you get quality back links to your site.

Relevant keywords equals website traffic increase

You can greatly improve your search engine ranking and increase traffic for your website by focusing your content on keywords that are relevant to your topic.  Optimizing your site for keywords will help Internet users find your website.

Don’t force your keywords when they seem awkward or inappropriate.  Aim to make them flow naturally with each sentence or phrase.  If it doesn’t sound natural, rewrite the sentence or use another keyword.

To know which keywords are best for your site, check your log files.  Find out how your audience discovered your website.  They are invaluable in helping you determine keywords that would improve your search ranking and draw users to your website.

Submit your website to online directories

Building quality back links via online directories can be one of the best things you can do to make your web presence felt.  A back link from a high PR online directory can result in website traffic increase, thereby greatly enhancing the success of your small business.

You can have your site listed in either or both free and paid directories.  What matters most is that you choose only high PR sites.  This guarantees the success of your link-building efforts.


Write and send a newsletter regularly

Newsletters serve as reminders to customers that your site is still there.  The purpose of all this is to keep your website in your subscribers’ mind regardless of whether or not they visit every time you send.  Chances are, your readers are also forwarding your e-mails to their friends, thus broadening your potential client base.

Track your page views regularly

Site tracking tools can help you stay informed with what works for your site and what doesn’t.  Each time you employ a new online marketing approach; always check whether they actually worked.
Driving traffic to your website is a continuous process.  Results don’t come overnight, so you need to be patient.  But with determination and a little bit of technical know-how, you will, in time, be able to gain website traffic increase.

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Dolly A. Stevens

Dolly A. Stevens is the Co-founder and Executive Director of Training for Ms. Stevens is a professional educator and curriculum developer. She provides vision, guidance, and leadership to the strategic and day-to-day implementation of the various initiatives of Training for


Gene Konstant Thursday, 19 January 2012 · Edit Reply

It seems to me effective marketing always begins at the end ... Define the result you're trying to accomplish and then figure out how to transition from where you are to that endpoint. So the first thing you need to do and improving a website is to decide what result you want to have happen and who the best prospect/candidates are to make that result happen.

Having defined the kinds of ducks you're looking for you will have a better idea when and where to hunt and what to use as bait ... And because ducks of a feather flock together your best starting point may be an analysis of your current customers because noncustomers who resembled your customers appear to be predisposed to becoming your customers.

Because Maslow was right we need to recast everything we know about how to sell anything to anybody to a collaborative model based on building long-term business relationships based on honesty, trust and open communication. Technology makes the first contact a simple transaction but the objective is to use that one time – momentary transaction as the linchpin of a long-term relationship.


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